My work is an abstract expressionistic meditation on the natural world, with the intention of increasing awareness of the priceless beauty and interconnections within our environment.


These archival pigment prints are created from details of my water- color and acrylic paintings, which have been photographed and then digitally modified to create new images. Often, details from different paintings have been layered over each other to create new content: digital collage.


The final print subverts and expands conventional definitions of art, while simultaneously encouraging the viewer to contemplate—to get lost in the moment of seeing.

So there is a transparency of overlaid images, a creative step away

from the original paintings each time the medium changes, a break-down and reconstruction of the experience of perception.


Bold brushwork, a shifting play of light and darkness, and the synergistic interplay of color evolve into a vivid sense of our environment that invites the viewer to witness the mystery and power of the natural world as well as that of their own unfettered imagination.


All of the images are archival pigment prints on 100% cotton paper in numbered editions of 10.

            It’s like a gong sounding;

  it puts you in a state of reverberation.

—Doug Lang
   McPhee Sonnet